The Top 3 Reasons Why Remanufacturing is Better than Purging

Setting up a maintenance plan for your adhesive equipment? Here are the top 3 reasons why remanufacturing does more for you than purging.

Purging is simply flushing your unit with a cleaning agent

No matter how aggressive your cleaning agent is, this will not get rid of the char. In fact, this process can actually be counterproductive by releasing char particles in tanks, manifolds, hoses, and heads. This leads to downtime on production lines by clogging filters, modules, and nozzles.

Purging must be done more frequently

Depending on production, purging needs to be done once every three weeks or three months. When you remanufacture your equipment with EAS, you can expect your equipment to run efficiently for three years or more. When you choose to remanufacture, all of your major components (tank, manifold, pump) go through an extensive, slow burning process which eliminates allchar from each component.

Purging doesn’t affect pumps

Rebuilding of the pumps, whether gear or piston, is essential to the production of your glue units.

When purging units, you are not addressing the pumps. When you choose to remanufacture, your pumps are broken down to the simplest form and our slow burn process is performed on all non-replaceable components. Once complete, we then reassemble with all new o-rings, seals, and valves. And most importantly… char free!