The Benefits to using a Glue Pressure Gauge

Each glue application is unique and determining how much adhesive to apply is something that takes some trial and error. Once you come up with the correct amount of adhesive to apply you want to keep it accurate. A glue pressure gauge is a great way to manage your adhesive output. Here are a some benefits to using a glue pressure gauge.

  • Easy Monitoring: Once you set up your system and know what the optimal pressure is for your application you can document the pressure off the pressure gauge. It’s as simple as looking at the face of the gauge and see if you’re losing pressure at any point in your process. If you are you may have an issue with your pump or pressure relief valve.
  • Cost Savings: Using more adhesive than you need will cost you money. With a pressure gauge you can easily see if your adhesive output is where it needs to be. Too much pressure and you might be dispensing a higher volume of adhesive than you need.
  • Quality Control: A glue pressure gauge allows you to control your adhesive output therefore you will have a higher percentage of quality control vs not having a glue pressure gauge.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Keeping your lines up and running is essential and when you have problems it’s crucial to get your lines up and running as soon as possible. Having a glue pressure gauge will make it easy to identify a potential problem before it becomes a scenario where you have to shut down your line.

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