Six Common Uses For Acrylic Adhesives

Acrylic adhesives are part of the structural adhesive family, making them a great multi-purpose and versatile bonding choice.
Here are six common uses of acrylic adhesives:
1. Sign Making – Acrylic adhesives clear formulas, ability to gap fill, weather resistance, and anti-corrosion properties make them a good choice for sign making.
2. Sporting Goods – Acrylic adhesives provide high levels of impact resistance which ensures they are long-lasting and durable for sporting goods.
3. Automotive Industry – Acrylic adhesives work exceptionally well in the bonding of aluminum, steel, and composite materials. They are used for the bonding of exterior vehicle components such as door panels and framework.
4. Aerospace Manufacturing – Similarly, the aerospace industry uses acrylic adhesives for the bonding of exterior components. Acrylic adhesives have excellent environmental resistance properties, meaning they can withstand solvents, moisture, salt spray, oils, and weathering.
5. Window Mount Bonding & Sealing – Acrylic adhesives have high performance and durability suited for the construction industry. They have long-term wind and UV resistance and can withstand other environmental factors.
6. Magnet Bonding – Acrylic adhesives play a crucial role in the manufacturing of electrical motors as they provide an effective method of bonding magnets, shafts, housings, and rotors together.

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