Detailed Recraftsmanship

It’s hard to get the adhesive output you need with solid chunks of adhesive char getting in the way. We use a 5 step method to remove all adhesive and char from your hot melt tank. We then recoat each tank with an industry leading high temp non-stick coating bringing your tank back to like new condition free of debris and char.


Much of the work we do on all EAS-Certified Reman Equipment is proprietary, but rest assured that upon receiving your equipment we run a thorough process of testing and inspecting the equipment’s functionality. We then diagnose and quote accordingly on what it will take to bring each piece of equipment to like-new standards. Once we have approval to proceed we will break down the unit to its barest form and rebuild from the ground up replacing all worn or degrading parts. Once completed we then put the unit through stringent testing before we ship it back to you.

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