How to Decide Whether to Repair, Rebuild, or Replace You Hot Melt Equipment

When your hot melt equipment fails, there is no time to waste waiting to get your production lines running again. You have the option to replace or rebuild your hot melt equipment — but which should you choose?

More and more companies are choosing to rebuild their hot melt equipment rather than purchase new components or have the existing components repaired.

Let’s discuss what a rebuild is and why rebuilds are an increasingly popular choice so that you can make an informed decision the next time you face a hot melt equipment failure.

What is a hot melt system rebuild?

Rebuilding your hot melt system consists of our experts restoring your equipment to original or better than original OEM specifications. Our primary focus is on completely restoring your machine to like-new condition as opposed to “fixing” individual components.

Rebuilt equipment is completely disassembled, and each part thoroughly inspected. All parts that are worn or damaged are replaced or repaired to new or like-new condition.

We then follow up with complete quality and performance testing.

Cost considerations

When determining whether to replace or rebuild, more companies are choosing rebuilding due to substantial cost savings. The remanufacturing of your equipment with Engineered Adhesive Systems can save you up to 60% when compared to the cost of purchasing new.

Over time, rebuilds typically prove to be cheaper than simple repairs. All EAS system rebuilds are supplied with the same one-year warranty you would get with new equipment. We stand behind our work and guarantee your satisfaction.

Lead times

New custom systems typically have significant lead times involved, upwards of 16 weeks. We get your new equipment back to you with our industry-leading turnaround times of 2-3 weeks.

Rebuilds are better for the environment

Companies are now considering the environment more than ever. Rebuilding your equipment is one of the best ways to accomplish your sustainability initiatives.

Often times there are additional costs associated with the disposal of your equipment. The most popular brands on the market are not made of recyclable materials. By rebuilding your current equipment, you are not only saving money but reducing your company’s footprint from manufacturing to shipping.