How Does a Hot Melt Adhesive Work?

Let’s dive into how hot melt adhesives work…

The hot melt adhesive is applied from the melt, gaining strength upon solidification and crystallization.

The working mechanism of holt melts includes the following steps:

STEP 1: A hot melt adhesive when heated, melts and becomes a liquid. It is then applied by bringing it between two substrates. Once cooled, it will set and solidify.

STEP 2: The second substrate is applied to the adhesive, in order to join the two substrates with the help of hot melt applied between them.

STEP 3: The second substrate is pressed, and cools, making it impossible to separate the two substrates.

In this illustration the horizontal access describes the temperature, which decreases with time. The relationship between temperature and time is never the same. The vertical axis exhibits the viscosity or the cohesion [modulus] for a period when hot melt is liquid and cohesion for the later stages of the hot melt.

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