Properties of Adhesives

Depending on the application, different features are required of adhesives.

Resistance to aging: Adhesion is generally intended to be permanent. This requires the adhesive to maintain its characteristics on a permanent basis, i.e. it needs to be resistant to aging. The adhesive is resistant to aging when the effects of light (UV rays), heat and oxygen do not compromise its positive characteristics even over long periods of time, and the adhesive does not degenerate.

Weather resistance: Moisture, heat and cold are additional factors to consider in conjunction with outdoor applications.

Chemical effects: For many applications, adhesives need to be resistant to the effects of chemicals e.g. through solvents, oils, acids, alkaline solutions or plasticizers.

Temperature resistance: Adhesives can be affected by cold and by heat in particular. It needs to withstand higher temperatures without any significant softening of the adhesive, as this would otherwise lead to a reduction in adhesiveness.

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